JANUARY 1, 2024

Fairway Oaks at Stallion Springs #142
1121 W. Valley Blvd. Suite I ( Cap. letter I)
Tehachapi, Ca. 93561

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2024 Monthly Dues $330.00

NEXT MEETING: January 20, 2024 10:00 a.m. at SSCSD 

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Articles of Incorporation


Adopted Policies

Our Story

Welcome To Fairway Oaks
at Stallion Springs



 Board of Directors

Theresa Mann, President   (2024)
Serving since 2018 

Steve Hyland, Vice President   (2025)
Serving since 2023

Don Wright, Secretary    (2025)
Serving since 2023

David Jordan, Treasurer    (2024)
Serving since 2022

Linda Lou Reed,  Serving as member at large (2024)


Development Location

This common interest development, Tract 4660, is located off St. Andrews Drive at Shannon Court in Tehachapi (Stallion Springs) in the County of Kern, California. The development consists of 49 residential lots, one common area lot and is classified as a Planned Development. The entire development covers approximately 7.44 acres. Construction started in 1985.
This complex sits between the 9th and 18th Fairway of the Horsethief Golf Course and Country Club.


The complex consists of 14 buildings containing 2 units per building and 7 buildings with 3 units per building. All residential buildings are single story. There are no recreational areas or exclusive use common areas. This development’s common area components or amenities include, but not limited to, streets, parking areas, walkways, fences or walls, sewer and water mains, drainage devices, lighting, mailboxes, landscaping, footbridges, irrigation systems and any other components not contained within or upon residential lots.



Residential Lot Area
71,946 s.f.
Asphalt Paved Area
58,311 s.f.
Concrete Paved Area
  6,543 s.f.
Landscaped Area
187,287 s.f
Total Common Area (Lot 50 )
252,141 s.f
Total Subdivision Area
7.44 Acres

Homeowner’s Maintenance Responsibilities


This association is responsible for the repair, maintenance, and replacement of all common area components.

The association is also responsible for the exterior maintenance of the residential units including, roofs, gutters, down spouts, exterior building surfaces, walls, fences and gates, sidewalks paving, trees, landscaping, plantings and all other exterior improvements located upon the residential lots.

However, association responsibilities do not include unit doors and windows, light fixtures, or any other areas outlined as lot owners responsibilities as proved in Article XI in the CC&R’S.

Monthly Dues 2024

Fairway Oaks at Stallion Springs #142
1121 W. Valley Blvd., Suite I
( uppercase letter I)
Tehachapi, Ca. 93561

Our Agent

Farmers Insurance Co.

Sam Grant, CPCU
Grant Insurance Agency
484 E. Los Angeles Ave. Suite 216
Moorpark, Ca. 93021
License Number: 0H91520

805-552-4671 (Office)
805-552-4673 (Fax)

Acc # 60550-61-12

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Fairway Oaks at Stallion Springs # 142
1121 W. Valley Blvd., Suite I ( Upper case letter I)
Tehachapi, Ca. 93561

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